Do Guys Think That Sort of Orangey Hair With All Over Blond Highlights Look Good?

Sorry for the long title ha ha :D but I am very insecure and keep trying to change myself. I originally have dark brown hair and dyed it blond but came out sort of orangey. about 6 month later we tried redying it blond but it came out the same color. the reason we redyed it was because people called me a ginger. a couple of weeks ago I got my hair pro highlighted blond. now I basically look blond but you can still see me original color.

I put up some pictures and I need to know if I look good. I have freckles and warm beige skin. it's almost the new school year and I'm hoping to skip a level of the food chain and try to look hotter.

guys...what do YOU think?


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  • i doubt I'd like that hair colour much to be totally honest


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  • Need a picture.

  • honestly not really.

    Why don't you like your original hair color?


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