Should I lighten my hair or dye it brown?


Do you all think I should do blond highlights to preserve my natural color or let it go/dye it brown?

I've gotten mixed answers.


Thank you!

Ah, because my boyfriend and I use the same e-mail address, so I'm not able to set up a different account.


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  • I think it looks great the way it is. If anything, I suppose you could touch it up with some highlights and accents but I wouldn't do anything too drastic unless you're dying for a change (see what I did there?). It really all comes down to how you want to look. If you like the way you look then other people will too.


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  • um why are you on a guys profile? lol weird...

    • Guys care about their apearence too y'know. It might seem a little poncey, yeah, but everyone wants to look good weather their male or female. It ain't weird. What IS weird though, is how some people can think it's weird. He's a little self concious, and the last thing he needs is for some stranger to tell him he's weird.

    • Um georgeC I'm guessing you didn't look at the picture or read HER update. she was on a males profile posting a picture of a chick. I don't care if guys care about their appearance because I would assume that everyone does in some way.

    • Thats what was weird. LOL I was expecting to see a picture of a male because its a males proflie, I click the link and it was a girl. YOU DONT NEED TO GET SO DEFENSIVE OVER SOMETHING THAT YOURE REALLY NOT IN. gahh

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  • Sure, why not.