If I dress like a hooch, am I one?

Fellas! Should a girl be treated according to what she wears?

Who would you have more respect for: a girl who dressed modestly or one who left nothing to the imagination? Of course there's nothing wrong with looking sexy, but when do guys consider it gone slutty?

Girls wanna know what it is that will keep a guy interested her!


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  • you can def be sexy with wearing jeans, and a t-shirt. what is NOT sexy is when a girl wears clothes that even she knows she wouldn't and shouldn't be wearing. I'm sure you know what I mean. I don't think how you dress is really how you are, but first impressions are lasting ones, so if a guy sees you out wearing short shorts that your butt cheek someone sticks out, he may think that you are wild and crazy, not shy and prude. so what you wear can affect ppls judgments.

    leave some for the imagination. that is sexy. cause it gives us a reason to try to undress you. when you wear short shorts and a low cut shirt. you already let us see what you got.

    • That's some good stuff!

    • I completely agree less never means more. I don't think it really matters what a girl wears a guys eyes will do all the undressing .

    • Yes, but if you let me use my imagination its more fun that way.. if your basically not wearing anything, you didn't let me get creative..


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  • I don't agree with the idea that a girl dressed in more revealing clothing should be treated a certain way.

    At the same time though, a girl shouldn't act out of sorts if a guy approaches her and asks her to dance/go on a date, etc and she is dressed that way.

    Asking someone if they would do something with you does not mean they are viewing you as anything less. And let's be fair, how else are we suppose to show interest?

    I still ask girls those type of questions the same way I ask any girl. I have seen girls wearing things they just flat out should not be wearing.

    At a night club I once saw a girl who was probably 300-350 lbs wearing low rise jeans with what I am guesing was a high rise neon yellow thong, if such a thing exists? Because even walking around, that thing was out and proud. Don't mean to judge but that did look ridiculous. Even so, if I did talk to her, I wouldn't talk down to her, or treat her like a slut.

  • The way I see it (not every guy will agree), I don't respect the modest girls any more than the revealing girls or vice versa. If you judge somebody by how they dress, you will either respect somebody that doesn't deserve it or needlessly disrespect someone. I respect people because of who they are, not how they dress. So no, a girl (or guy) should not be treated according to what they wear.

  • def one with modesty

    cause if you see a guy walking on the street and is wearing burberry everything ur gonna think that he's loaded right? that's what stereo types lead us to believe

    now if a girl was wearing a very low cut shirt and a skirt that was more like a belt

    would you think she was a hooker or a stripper or a whore or a modest girl?

    yea def not modest girl

  • I like it when a sexy girl dresses up modestly. It shows a strong personality and intelligence. It demands respect, and I find that very sexy. Yes if you dress like a 'hooch' and you aren't, then it shows a weak and desperate person who is easily influenced. That just makes you something like a toy that many guys would only be superficially interested in.

    So if your smart, dress smart. If your modest, dress modest. . .etc.

    hoped this helped.

    : )


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  • as my brother always says dress like a slut your going to get treated and seen as a slut even if your not!

    for me clothes ARENT sexy when there low cut and short ! girls can wear a dress that covers you up but hugs to your curves and makes you look sexy that's sexy its leaving some mystery lol

    i could never dress with short short skirts and low cut tops I would feel I should be down the street corner if I did

    i don't cover up completely though I mean on a normal day its my skinnys and a t shirt or something

    then on a night out a dress or what ever and I know some people say well if you got it flaunt it,. yeah flaunt your best asset not every single asset you got ladies yous can be amazing without showing it all

    but I don't think we should be treated according to the way we dress but we will be because your clothes are usually a way of expressing your personality and style for instance if you seen me on the street you'd know I'm into indie music such as the artic monkeys,the killers etc. and you would know my skinny jeans are my best friend lol

    so I think you can tell a lot about people by the way they dress just some get a little confused and don't stay true to them and end up looking like sluts

  • Everyone has already given you great answers but I'd just add in my opinion - If you are going to dress up like a slut, people will label you as a slut - and it wouldn't matter whether you are one or not. A girl can look sexy with a full coverage as oppose to a girl who barely wears anything. Its okay to wear a minimum amount of low cut tops once in a while or skirts that can show off your legs. But, if you go past the limit - meaning if your boobs are flying out and your camel-toe is highlighted - in the lack of better words - that's not sexy. That's whore-ish.

  • actually you know how you dress nice for a good job. Its the same way its messed up but that's life

  • For me clothes can tell a lot about a person. If someone wears a shirt that barely covers her chest, and shorts that leave her butt cheeks hanging out, then obviously she wants attention. I am a shy modest person, but I also love to make people laugh and have fun. So I tend to dress like that. I wear clothes that cover me up (not turtlenecks year round and jeans). I wear v neck shirts with a cami under them and I wear bermuda shorts. But to show the fun side I wear bright colors and prints. I dress exactly by my personality. Now I don;t judge people, so if I see someone dressed skimpy, I am not going to be like "she's a hoochie." But I will think she enjoys male attention,and is more wild than someone who dresses modestly is. So in conclusion, I think a girl mainly dresses accoding to her personality. But no, girls shouldnt' be treated according to hat she wears, but usualyl I think girls wear clothes that match their personality.

    Here's an example : If a guy sees a girl in a bar wearing barely anything, will thinkn she "wants some." If he goes up to her and tries to get in her pants, and she refuses and calls him a jerk, wel that would make the guy confused. I mean if she was close to being naked that means something right?

    • My point exactly! Because in a guys mind, they're probly thinkin she has it all out there so she must want me to touch it.

    • Yes! usually that is probably true, but not for every single girl.