Do people confuse being sexy with being beautiful?

I see a lot of girls that a very sexy but not beautiful, and people tend to misinterpret being sexy with being beautiful. Does being sexy make some one beautiful, and do a lot of people confuse the two, for example confuse one who is sexy to be beautiful and one who is beautiful to be sexy?


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  • I definitely think there is a difference between being sexy and being beautiful.

    I think sexy is mostly in the attitude, your confidence, your clothes, etc.

    Where as I think beautiful is more your natural beauty accompanied by your inner beauty.

    I guess I see it as sexy is mostly based on your outward appearance- where as being beautiful goes deeper, and its about what is under the skin.

    I think you can be sexy but not beautiful, or beautiful not not exactly sexy, or you can be both!

    Different people have different qualities.


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  • I don't confuse the 2.But to me,beautiful is face,sexy is body and maybe face...

  • yeah I think so. beautiful and sexy is 2 different things. I've seen beautiful girls that werent sexy and sexy girls that werent beautiful.

    beautiful is just based off her face and how pretty she is

    sexy is about your body and how alluring you are and if you make someone think of sex. also there is a difference between sexy and slutty I really think people get those confused. like any playboy playmate can be slutty but someone like sofia vegara is sexy


What Guys Said 2

  • I use the word beautiful to describe women who are really good looking but are more conservative in personality. Sexy is a word I use for women who are really good looking, and they have the erotic factor. In other words, they have that seductive, naughty look.

  • yea I think beautiful is above sexy

    beautiful to me is like natural beauty