Who is better to ask for advice about women?

Girls or guys?


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  • I would assume that any guy who tells you that he really understands women is full of BS.

    On the other hand, guys will give you suggestions based upon what has worked (or not worked) for them in the past. This is something you will have a hard time getting from women, since they're not in our shoes so they're not as consciously thinking about how they respond to a guy's actions.

    But the reasons a guy gives you for why something works or does not work should be taken with a grain of salt, because these are just his theories. It's best to look at the evidence and infer your own conclusions.

    With taking advice from women, it's also a crapshoot. Women will give you perspectives that you may not get from a guy, and will help you confirm or deny any theories you have, but they may not be as good at giving practical advice since they're not in our shoes.

    I agree with the person who said I'ts best to listen to both sides.


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  • Both. See what the guy has to say then ask the girl and compare the two answers. That is always the best way to figure out things.

  • All women are different so getting advice from a group of women is usually more helpful

    Guys are OK for getting advice. It's really good if they have experienced the same situation and they tell you what worked for them.


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