Trying not to look like a couple?

Last night we realized that we **** block one another. We were out at a local bar and we had a table to ourselves and we looked like a couple. A couple other friends were supposed to show but they did not and we wouldn't have looked like a couple. Their loss. What can we do to make it look like that we are not a couple? If it's just the two of us. Which lately it has turned out that way. For those that don't know my best friend is a woman.


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  • I totally know what you're saying.

    This is really hard to do. I know it's hard because she's your best friend, but your demeanor towards each other needs to read I'm looking elsewhere, and not interested in this person next to me. If your intentions are to meet people while your out.

    It's all about body language. You have to have body language that says I'm available. Like when you go to a bar, don't sit. Couples sit. Stand, and make sure that you're not facing her. Talk to her from a shoulder to shoulder position.Only face her if you absolutely have to.

    Again, if you're at a bar, separate from each other for a bit. Come back, and continue to appear separate but together. This gives other people a chance to approach you and her.

    I hope that helps a little. I say this stuff from experience. I go out all the time with guys and you have to do these things.


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  • Don't sit together. If a guy and a girl are sitting together at the same table, the reasonable assumption is that they are together. Basically, there is no way to be near her and be seen as a friend.

  • trust I've been there done that. if your trying so hard its probably to convince yourself you aren't a couple. I give you 2 months before somthing happens