Dyed hair a turn off?

i dye my hair because my natural color makes me look kinda sickly. so I dye it a color close to mine but more vibrant. is it a turn off to dye your hair? or do you really not care?


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  • Dyed hair doesn't look bad when it's natural. But when it looks unnatural I think it definitely is a bad thing.


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  • I agree with Zach. Be yourself.

    How does it make you look sickly though? Does dark hair make you skin look pale?

    • If it does, then that's definitely not a problem. I like girls with dark hair and fair skin, and I know I'm not the only one, because several of my friends do too

    • It's too dull. its closer to my skin color but has a kind of greyish look. (obviouly its not grey like when your older) it's kind of an ash brown. it washes me out, brings out every blemish, my eyes blend. unless I'm in the sun and it shines red. which is why I go with the red. when I was little it was golden blond but it just went blah. the red brings out my green eyes and freckles which I love.

  • I would prefer a girl with her natural hair color, even if it would look better dyed.


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  • I dye my hair at least once a month. and I don't care! lol. it's whatever. own your look and no one has the right to say anything. if it suits you then fine. I've been blond, brunette, black, red and even green once so whatever floats your boat