Am I reading women wrong?

I am a guy that has been in public schools and I have had girlfriends. Since I have been in college, I have thought that women were flirting with me, so I went along only to find out that they were trying to be "friendly".

Now I thought I knew the basic signs that a woman likes you. Giving you a phone number, the playful "hit", the twirling of hair and the most obvious was the fact that they gave me their phone number when I asked.

I thought that they liked me and wanted to go out but it turned out that they didn't. On of them that I thought liked me, gave me her phone number on the second or third day of class (without me even asking).

Women am I doing something wrong assuming that? Do yo have any telltale signs that you like to use to let a guy know that you are interested that work. If not, are there any helpful tips you can give me because I look like an idiot when I make these assumptions.


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  • Truth be told a lot of girls do those things when they really have no intention of dating you. One of my friends went so far as to go on holiday with a guy and while they were there he asked her to be his girlfriend and she told him she only liked him as a friend. Ouch. Some girls do it for the ego boost, other times they give you their number just to be nice, because they don't want to make you feel bad by outright rejecting you.

    Hair twirling is inconsequential - I do that a lot without thinking about it. Like dunc17 said, the best way to tell is how she treats you vs other guys she hangs around with. Another big clue is if she goes all out when she knows she might see you (dressed nicely, hair/makeup done etc.). Note: This is easier to do with a girl who doesn't usually wear a lot of makeup, etc.


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  • Some girls are just playful with their friends. Misinterpretation is very common! One of the best ways to interpret if a girl likes you or not is to see how she acts around you vs any other guy, if it's the same, she's prob not interested. If she's more shy or more playful around you than other guys, she probably likes you! She'll also laugh at a lot of things you say or do and she'll keep talking to you even if you give a short answer she can't build from like if you say, yeah lol or something like that, and she then says yep! so...and just keeps trying to build conversation.

  • If she's giving you her phone number, and yet then pulling the "Ooo I don't really want to go out," then she's a game player and immature. DON'T judge all women by that standard... I only give my phone number to guys that are worth it! She was probably looking for an ego boost or who knows. You're not reading women wrong, you just ran into some bad luck!

    • I'll give my number to guys I'm interested in and guys I want to be friends with though. I don't tease as much as the girls you've run into but I do give my number to friends as well.

  • You're not entirely wrong - sometimes both genders can missunderstand/missread signs. Generally speaking, just because a woman starts talking to you, it doesn't necessarily mean she fancies you


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