How did you meet your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I hope these questions are allowed.. :P But, to guys & girls, how did you meet your bf/gf? At school, work, ext? And who asked out who, or confessed first? :D I'm just curious since I haven't ever met anyone important like that to me, I'd like to read some stories to just say I still have a chance if everyone else had one :)


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  • Well, my boyfriend and I actually met on this one site called hotornot. Lols. I made an account there, and at the time, I had no idea it was a sort of dating site. I just was curious to see what kind of rating I would get. But anyways, he sent me a message there, and I decided to reply to it, because I figured there was no harm in talking to anyone there, though I wasn't actually thinking of looking for anyone on there to actually date. Well, we talked for a couple of days, and we found out we didn't live too far from one another. Just about 45 minutes away. He wanted to meet up and go on a date with me that very weekend. At first I was a bit skeptical of meeting, because he was also a bit of a perv, and I didn't want my very first date ever o be with a guy who was possibly only interested in one thing, but I landed up accepting, and he took my first kiss at the beginning of the date. xD I wasn't prepared for that. Anyways, I'm so glad that I accepted that date with him. We're going toward our one year anniversary (it's in a month) and he's already talked about making me his wife one day. :)


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  • I met my boyfriend through school. I sort of knew who he was through my sister because both she and him are in the band, but I had never really talked to him. Then, in the past year we ended up having two classes together: a PE class and an art class. We veeery slowly started talking and he eventually admitted that he liked me after several months. He's told me the first time he really thought "Hey, this girl is something" was when I came into class one day with a homemade Doctor Who t-shirt (cause I'm a massive nerd about that show, haha). xD We've been dating ever since!

  • oh sure. everyone has a chance. there's always someone for everyone

    how I met my bf...its a funny story. he actually FOUND me on fb. we were classmates in elementary and I moved away. 10 years later, he found me on fb. we started chatting online and I discovered that he had a crush on me back then. I was so shocked! we get along really well. we talk from time to time and surprisingly, we got very involved and things intensified.we fell in love with each other.

    now, its been 13 months and we both still love each other. (note that this is LDR).

    surprising things happen. ;)

  • I met my boyfriend in 8th grade during science class on the first day of school. We sat next to each other because we had assigned seats. I was thinking "oh my gosh, he's a hippie looking freak that needs to cut his hair...he probably does drugs..." He's hair was way past his shoulders and it was curly. We started talking because he asked me if I liked sushi and I told him no, but instead I liked ketchup a lot and put it on mostly everything. I thought saying this would get him to shut up, but it didn't. He kept on talking and talking to me. Instantly I fell for him for some weird reason. The next day, he basically was my best friend. At the time he had a girlfriend... And she said that we could kiss *she has series mental problems* so well we did, than he asked me out & than we started going out in November, and he broke up with her... in February... and well she was fine with him having two girlfriends... Weird way to have a relationship but that's the way it started. As of Aug. 20, 2010, we'll be together for 2 years and 9 months. And I got him to cut his hair too =)