Rather being cute or hot?

the question speaks for itself :)

are you considered a hottie among your friends/strangers or a cute one? share with us your opinion about it!

the thing is, do you agree with them? or you're trying to be the opposite?


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  • It's kinda weird

    I used to get called "cute" straight to my face a lot

    Then I started going to the gym and working out a lot and eating differently so my acne would go away. I'm a lot leaner and more muscular and have more jawline and cheekbones and stuff. And I started to hear people behind my back that I'm "hot" now

    But nobody EVER tells me anything about my looks straight to my face, instead actually a lot of people tell me I'm more of an ***hole now heh

    I don't really think it matters as long as you get with someone you like


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  • I get called both, but cute is more of reaction to clothes I wear (like girly style) or childlike things that I do. But guys usually call me hot or beautiful if they are complimenting me. I think cute is a bit patronising really, but I don't mind it unless it's all the time. Being called hot is just an ego boost/someone showing interest in you sexually. Both can be good or bad depending on the situation.

  • I get a lot of complement from people around me,cute,hot,attractive,i've a very nice smile everyone I know says I've a very nice smile,i look funny and horrible when I'm angry,when I pierced my nose,they say I look cutter.

    I see myself like a cute kid lol because I've a small face and short hair.

    But that doesn't mean that I don't look like a female.

  • i'm considered bothh sometimes.

    if I get dressed up to go out to a party thenn mostly people say oh you look hot or sexy or somethingg

    buut in some of my pics on my profilee I'm in sweats and my hair is a mess or I'm in glasses and people say ohh you look adorablee.

    personally, id rather be cute because when people hear other people call me hot they automatically think oh she must be a slut and I'm not so I'd rather be considered cute and sweet

  • I get called both.

    Cute basically means you're good enough to be a friend,but not a girlfriend.

    I think it's worse to be called cute when you're a girl.I personally find it weird to call a guy handsome because of my age so I say cute

  • i get called cute alot, so I really don't care anymore

  • I think I'm hot :) lol, not to sound conceited, but I've been told I'm hot. I get attention where ever I go