Ok so I'm a very good looking guy.

i get a lot of attention from women more then I want. now my problem isthat I'm trying not to see women for their physical beauty and see them for their brain. I met a women and I love her mind and she's not very attractive physically but I want to not look at physical beauty and look at mental beauty but she is blowing me off. why is she doing this. maybe I'm a douche I try not to be but maybe I am.


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  • I think what your doing is great. Maybe she's blowing you off, because you've only wanted girls for physical reasons before (maybe like hooking up if this is true than she may have heard or senses that. If not then maybe she's just gaurded, and that might be from bad pervious experiences or something that she's still needs to face.

    ps. I'm not trying to pick on you but the fact that you have "I'm a very good looking guy doesn't make it seem like your very most, it could even be seen as cocky. A nice girl doesn't not usually want a really cocky guy. again I'm not trying to pick on you, but I said this because I thought it might help.

    Eithier way I hope it works out for you!


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  • Question, is the face that she's blowing you off make you think about her? Because you seem to be trying to figure out why she's acting like that. Maybe she's doing it on purpose. Just a thought.


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  • Well, she probably isn't used to guys as attractive as you and probably thinks that they are all douches, so, she has a chip on her shoulder.

    I'd also say that the girls that I know love it that their boyfriend thinks they are hot. They want to be wanted for their body. They just don't want that to be all you want, they want to be loved, appreciated, for their mind, body and soul.