If a girl went out in heels during the daytime, what would be the reason?

Usually I notice girls only wear heels at night when they are off to parties but if a girl is wearing them to go out around mid-day, why would she need to wear them and what would she be doing?


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  • My mum wears heels all the time!

    She NEVER wears flats..

    She says she wears them because they make her feel more attractive and more confident. She believes that heels make your figure look better and don't get me wrong, they do.. but during the day you should just be you.

    The heels arnt like clubbing heels, they're just not flats.

    I think that's why some girls wear them.. just because they feel like a more important person and feel more comfortable in high shoes.

    High heels usually make a noise so you're not going to be able to creep by.. I guess sometimes it's some way of gaining attention too.

    But then again. maybe that's just me.. Maybe it's just general 'comfort' although I can't see how.

    I don't like wearing heels at all really.. If I go out somewhere special like a club or something then cool.. I'll wear them but for everyday, I feel like I'm trying to show off or be something I'm not..

    Or of course, if they're dressed genuinely smart then it may just be the uniform they wear for their job.


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  • She probably works in an office, or just like to dress up more when she goes out. Not all girls like thongs and sneakers for everyday wear, some like dressing up in heels because they feel sexier.

    • Feel sexier just leads to looking sexier. its for men in the end..not you or other women, unless your gay/bi

    • I never said it was? and actually when I dress up I do it to impress other women, you don't need to impress men, they would be happy if you wore a hessian sack as long as they thought they would get to see what's underneath it.

  • Work.

  • maybe she wanted to dress up and look nice. no reason, some girls wear heels in the daytime because they feel like it. she could also have an interview

  • She likes heels, or she has an interview or something

    I almost never wear heels because I'm always walking around and heels are painful


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  • Working...