What do you guys like about Asian girls?

what is it that you like about going out with an Asian girl? please don't answer if you don't like Asian girls. thanks.

if you're just going to post racist comments, you can go get a twinkie and tuff it up your asses. I asked why if you do, why you "like" asian girls, not why you're being a asshole towards them. and if you are, go f*** yourself.


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  • I'm Asian myself, and it's usually because they tend to be able to fit all 3 of the (good-looking, smart, fun-to-be-with), instead of just two. :P


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  • i personally like them because of an overall tendency to have better morals and self respect and family values. no stereotype is 100% true for any race. but Asian girls statistically aren't loosing their virginity at 13 like most of my American female friends did. the Asian girls I have known seemed to be decent girls you would want to marry rather than just date or party with. they were far less promiscuous and were not so high on their own pedestal as most my American girl friends. I had more fun talking to Asian girls in general conversation and they were more realxed and not putting up this diva/cool front. sure there are some Asian girls that are airhead skanks. just like there are American girls that are like the Asian culture traits I described above. but as a whole I would bed my money on the Asian born/raised girls in terms of being relationship material. I personally was still a virgin when I graduated high school and still haven't been with a lot of girls and the more moral oriented types tend to be what I'm drawn to myself. I'm not very attracted to party girls that have casual sex and are all "paris hilton" acting. also Asian girls tend to take better care of themselves in a general health sense, not the starvation diets and diet pills and things our American culture tends to glorify.

  • idk. I've never been with an asian but I want to because they're sexy and the ones I've talked to are pretty cool to be around.

  • because they have super tight vaginas,

    and also its the naughty.unknown, never swimmed water

    facts which make it appealing

    • And also because you're a creepy douche bag, the only way you're gonna get an asian girl is by going to jail loser.

    • Your just mad I've had sex with them,

      and your vagina is like throwing a pencil in a hallway

      dont hate on people who are helping you out and answering the question ya ****scab

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  • No offense,but most of the non Asian men who go after only Asian women only do it for sexual gratification which is completely stupid and ignorant.They think all Asian chicks live up to the submissive fantasy.

    Asian girls tend to be petite which is nice,especially for those who prefer petite girls...

    But it depends,some are attractive,some aren't.Japanese,Korean,Filipina's tend to be really attractive.

    OH and there was this one chick who went to my school,she was mixed with Vietnamese,Taiwanese(If that's a word) and Filipino and she was freakin gorgeous.

    • No offense but a lot of non Asian girls get knocked up before they graduate high school because most guys don't think they're going to go to university/ college. oh snap.

    • Why are you taking this personally?I wasn't trying to attack you

    • You're honestly a **** and should chill out.You're just a bitch,people gave you answers,don't ask a question if you can't handle answers dumbass

  • I'm asian, but not east asian. haha.. but umm... I'm envious of east asian girls because the majority of them have an impeccable sense of style, and an amazzing body! They also have this shy/quiet demeanor which is so cute!