Why do attractive guys assume because they want you, you want them too!?

erhhh there's about 3 hot guys at my school that believe that if they like me I should definitely feel the same. what ever gave them such arrogance where's the choice in that... it's like because your of the same type of groups that there instantly in...

and my friends make it worst as they think because there attractive there perfectly nice great guys... its so dumb... this whole perfect couple thing I'm over it... but what makes attractive boys believe if your good enough for them then their perfect for you!?

i'm not being up myself... but I would like not to be pushed into some relationship with some guy... the quality's I like arn't really there ... are nice boys overrated now!? I'm rather date an average guy who made me laugh, was fun and sweet :)
i'm pactically saying I like nice guys more than hot ones and freinds see that as wrong :)


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  • You won't always have your friends, but you could always have a great guy. Don't let peer pressure or social influence dictate your decision on your love life. Date who you like regardless of looks or status.


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  • Every girl worships them; when people start praising you, you become arrogant, and you actually believe that you are better than them. It's an honor for them to like you; it's only polite to accept their invitation. This is what they think. Of course, there are some attractive people who are modest and aren't full of themselves.

    • Nice guys are disappearing. Most of them get put into the friend zone. A lot of them do change their "nice" ways.

    • They don't think it is wrong. They just believe you are lying to yourself or being dishonest with yourself. I also disagree with the best answer. That is not the best answer. At least Jmoney18 put some thought into it.

    • Well that's sad :(

  • It's not arrogance. It's just the confidence to believe you like him. Here's an analogy: you studied all night for that english test, but you still don't know everything. If you go into the test thinking "I suck, I don't know anything", you probably won't do as well as if you thought "I can do this, I can pass this test".

    So, a guy like that thinks a girl likes him because it gives him confidence. Some guys handle it better than others, and there are exceptions. But then again, you're in high school, and every person in high school acts like an idiot. And unfortunately, that probably includes you.

    • Just because you think positively it won't make a better result if you don't have the information you're supposed to know - if you didn't study for the test, you will still fail. Your "positive thinking" is a lie. The reason why I had As and Bs all the time is because I studied, and not because I was confident in what I knew.

      But it's because they are so confident with their decision that it should be two ways. They are ither overconfident, or have some stupid ideology including fate and stuff.

  • Hey, don't worry. If you want a thoughtful, caring, boyfriend. I am ready.

  • It's because you're a dog slut.

  • You kind of sound like an uppity bitch. You think you're "above" these guys or you're super hot? Should I bow my head right now as I'm writing this?

    • I'm not but who's to say I want to be with them... maybe there not even my type maybe I don't want to go for the hot sporty type.. just because we'd be good together.... its stupid..... just because there attractive doesn't make them funny,kind or smart!

    • So you can't just take it as a compliment that guys might be interested in you? You have to act all high and mighty? Those guys have confidence and obviously think they can get the regal and royal you. It's good that you don't only like the "hot" guys and you will give normal average guys a chance. For future reference, I would read over what you write and edit so you don't come off as snobby and elitist.

    • It's refreshing to hear you'd want an average guy. I wish more girls thought llike you.

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