What is in his head? Guys please help!!

There is this guy at school who thinks we are best friends (we are not that close)but he acts that way!The annoying thing is he is always around me he tries to find any thing to ask me about it ,I mean really silly questions ,he always tries to find out more about me, always complementing my clothes and look,smiling this really big smile every time he sees me ,always repeating stuff I said ,he remembers everything I say,calls me a lot just to say hi or simply (making sure I'm OK) as he says!So what do you think guys I do not him thinking we are like best friends or any thing more because I really don't like him that much.


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  • he likes you, flat out, he's just trying to "fool" you with friendship to get to know you better.


What Girls Said 1

  • Awww I honestly thinks he likes you! Seriously!

    • Thanks for your comment,that crossed my mind too but the weird thing is he has been like that since the first day we met actually on that 1st day there was a party and he insisted that I should go and I did not really feel like it but he was like please come it will be a great party I thought he is too friendly !but what should I do about that I don,t like him that way at all