Do girls ever actually go for the nerdy type?

I'm a huge nerd, and proud of it. In band, tech club, the works. But lately I've started worrying that I'm never gonna be able to get a girlfriend because of it. Any advice?


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  • Rock the "geek chic" kryptonite look. They will come in droves :) It may seem like a dry spell in high-school but really do you want to be the guy that peaked in high school? Trust me in a few years - those guys are going to be living in the past and laughable.

    Just be true to you.

    I was a total geek in high school. Band, student council, AV club, drama club... the works. I love cerebral guys ... and I am now dating the king of the nerds! And could never be happier!


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  • Looking at your profile picture, you're by means ugly or bad looking. You're obviously not a Johnny Depp or someone like that either in terms of looks but who in reality is? So you don't have too much to worry about there. :P

    But of course you'll find a girlfriend! There are girls that are nerds too who could share similar interests to you. There are also plenty of girls who would like you because your bound to be a genuinely nice guy.

    There isn't any rush to get into a relationship anyway. So take your time and enjoy yourself. But when you do want a relationship, you're just going to have to make sure that you flirt and give hints that you are interested. Without doing this, things are not going to go anywhere.

    Hope that helps and good luck! :)



    My friend loovess guys with curly hair and geeky glasses.

    Also with a wide range of knowledge.

    She loves it all.

    Here's the catch she's affectionate, but emotional.

    She'll need you to listen to her. >_>

    Anyway sorry I had to.

    And my advice is there's gotta be a lot of girls out there who just adores nerdy guys.

  • If a guy can't talk about lots of interesting things, it doesn't work. Geeks rule the world, and as everybody gets older, they are the only cool people. Smart=hot. all my friends are geeks. All my guy friends/crushes are geeks. My boyfriends have all had geeky bones somewhere in their bodies. I myself build robots, write code, was voted 'most likely to succeed' of my class, all APs, lead a bunch of clubs and have a resume 8 pages long, but still manage to get whistles from the dumb guys on occasion. Eek that does sound egocentric doesn't it :P No but my point is...geeky girls are the best girls (no frickin drama games) and geeky girls definitely LOVE guys they can actually talk to! :)

  • Of course girls go for the "nerdy" type! Personally, I generally go for that type. I feel like other guys won't be into the same things as I am. I love guys that I can talk to about my favorite show (The Big Bang Theory) without feeling like they have no idea who or what I'm even talking about. I know dozens of girls that go for nerds just because they are sick of "jocks" and "players", and some of them have been with their boyfriend for years. Don't worry, you'll find someone who appreciates the greatness of being a nerd as much as you do! :)

    • Sick of jocks and players should be the reason they do it. They shouldn't have come to that, but it's nice they're giving the right guys a chance for once.

    • Yeah, they were all blinded by stereotypes of who they were and weren't supposed to date.

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  • You should be fine. If you want the hot preppy girl though good luck with that.

  • Just be yourself and open your eyes, odds are there are girls out there who are attracted to you for one reason or another. Eating right, clearitin or whatever for your zits, shower 2x a day (trust me on this, if you're a teen you stink), cologne etc all help too.