I just need help big time.

i want a boyfriend so bad but I just seem to have really bad luck when it comes to guys. I really need some good advice on how to get a guy to like me. I'm not total girly but I'm not a tomboy. I wear sweatpants sometimes but I also wear skirts and dresses too. and I also do wear makeup but I don't wear tons I only wear mascara and some eye liner but not tons. so how exactly do I get a guy to like me? how do I flirt with him too?


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  • Are you going to places where you can meet guys -- the gym, sporting events (you said tomboy), walks , bicycling, swimming spots, etc. If you are of age, sports bars.

    Other things: make eye contact; smile; make yourself approachable; flirt a little


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  • Based on how you described yourself, I'm surprised you can't find a guy. You sound great to me. Maybe guys think you're out of there league and are afraid to approach you for fear of getting shot down.

    As far as advice goes, I'd go with what longshot suggested.


What Girls Said 2

  • if you're not going out to get yourself noticed, or posting on singles sites, you're gonna have a really hard time finding someone ;) Unless Fate delivers him right into your lap.

    Just google 'how to flirt' but really, get yourself out there either physically or via a singles site first to get noticed :)

  • ugh I need the same help also...it sux