Define a Cute Girl....?

Do I want to be a cute girl? Or is that an insult and what quality's does someone have to be considered cute?


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  • It depends on your personality if your daring, forward, blunt, those are characteristics that people consider sexy. Cute would be nice, caring, sweet, considerate. Now these are just stereotypes so it doesn't mean its right. Look at yourself, the way you look and the way you dress. Do people say your more cute then sexy, do you dress provocatively or are you conservative? I don't think it's an insult to be called cute and from my experience, guys prefer cute girls in the long run in terms of relationship. Think about this people look at Megan Fox (the chick from transformers) and think she's hot! and my guy friends say they'd do her but wouldn't want a relationship with her. People look at Nathalie Portmen and see a cute, smart girl and my guy friends say they'd want to have a relationship with her. So it has to do with how you look and how you carry yourself and how you want people to view you.

    • Im daring, very very forward and blunt but I always get called cute always so I don't think it has anything to do with that but I'm also the characteristics you said for cute


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  • well that's goes in to ways like irish said (oh your so cute) wich is like a baby kinda cute more of the friend territory but cut can also be the nicer forum of hot. like if a guys around a girl he's not gonna call another girl hot but he might say she's cute or if you ask an opion of some1 like hey what do you think of this girl they might say she's cute


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  • i get awh your so cute , and oh yeah your the cute one aren't you all the time

    i went on weekend to a music festival 2weeks ago and every guy was like awh your so cute and id 3 guys walk past and go awh she's go cute ( and believe me cute ain't a word you hear people say over that much)

    so me personally I take offense to it , then finally one guy goes ooh your hot when I walked past and my 2 friends were laughing saying you have now moved over to the hit side no longer the cute!

  • happy all the time and not a party animal. guys love it when girls are passionate about something, whether its a hobby or a movie. or something cute like writing poems, kids, or her job.