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so I'm interviewing for an internship and I don't know what to wear. I'm majoring in chemical engineering and no I'm not a nerd (haha at least I don't look like one) so I need to look professional but the same time sexy because its a guys field and the hotter you look the more likely you are to get the job :) so my question is skirt or pants and if skirt what length? also I'm 5'8" and with heels I'm going to b around 6" and I'm skinny so I look even taller would y'all guys have a problem interviewing a girl who is taller than you and giving her the job?


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  • You are assuming that the interviewer is going to be a guy. It could be a woman, so dress appropriately, high heals may not be ideal, nothing to sexual, you want to be professional, your not going on a date... Height may not be an issue, the taller you are more likely to be hired and have a higher salary etc...


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  • short skirt, low cut top. haha. no

    umm. if you want to intereview, you can go with a skirt but keep it at least knee length, no shorter. I don't think height will matter when it comes to a job interview. at least I would hope not. all that matters is that you go in knowing what you want and sounding like you are qualified for the job. that's all theyre looking for. as longas you don't look like a slob, you'll be fine

    btw, you sound H-O-T. hot

    • Well thank you :)

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    • Kinda got a boyfriend I'm madly in love with so not so much and I only come on here to ask/answer random when I'm bored

      but yes I've been told I'm H-O-T :p

    • Who said anything about wanting to date you :P. I like making NEW FRIENDS. that's it. just add me so we can talk.

  • Knee length skirt or slacks that hug your curves. Height shouldn't be an issue. Look SMART not SLUTTY


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  • don't wear heels that are higher than 1 or 2 inches. You're tall enough and most guys won't be over 6' so that's not a good start

    dress conservatively. if you walk in looking suggestive, they won't take you seriously