Was he flirting or just curious himself?

My crush asked me about what to wear during a massage. I had told him I got one the day before. I said how you wear your underwear, but take everything else off. He then said something like "oh, so I can wear my boxers or briefs"...we had a five minute conversation about how you're basically naked during a massage, and him wanting me to tell him what I thought about it and what went on etc. He also talked about them massaging the chest, and I said they probably would for him, but it is different for a woman. He just seemed to stare at me. Was he really just curious about massages or was he imagining me? He is about 15 years older than me and I was surprised he had never had a massage before. What do you think?FYI: we work together and this conversation took place at work.


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  • I don't think that's flirting.

    I think he was hinting at he wanted you to give him a massage.

    • LOL. I guess I didn't think of that one. Well, he does have some nice muscles that I wouldn't have minded massaging. haha. I wonder if he is interested. Thanks for your response.

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  • Yes he was trying to be a gentleman about it but he was probably fantasizing about you giving him a massage.