Guys, what do you consider a beautiful girl?

I know everyone has their different preferences , but generally what would make a regular girl beautiful to you?

I think I have really high standards for myself and other girls, and I noticed that a lot of guys have standards that are lower than I thought they'd be.

I've heard guys call girls fine/beautiful and to me, they were like average looking girls. When I think of a beautiful girl I think of like a 9/10 flawless model type, not like a normal cute kinda pretty girl.

Can normal cute regular girls be beautiful to you guys, really?


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  • To be beautiful doesn't mean you have to be a flawless supermodel, to me someone is beautiful if they make you smile and you're at least somewhat attracted to them. I find that most average looking girls are more beautiful than the supermodels just because they are who they are... it's in the eye of the beholder anyway


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  • Since guys get shot down constantly, we have to lower our standards a lot and keep asking different women out. Yes, normal girls can be considered beautiful even though they are obviously not "model hot". Women are far more critical of their looks than men are because, honestly, we're just happy to have sex with any girl.

  • i think my girlfriend is beautiful inside and out. not only because she is really hot, but also because she has the perfect personality. she is soemone I can truly be myself and not worry what she will think because she knows me that well.


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    But girls and guys have different standards of beauty(generally)

    I personally never pay attention to girls opinions on beauty.Girls are jealous and insecure and will call every other girl on the face of the planet unattractive.