How do you tease?

Ladies, what is your favorite way of dressing or acting to attract attention from guys?


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  • I just smile a lot and make eye contact. I'm not going to dress like a slut to get a guy's attention.that would only get me the wrong kind of attention. If I'm going out with the girls to meet some guys then I'll put on a cute short dress or skirt, but with class in mind. I find that the only way to get a guy that is worth keeping around is by being yourself and not selling yourself for something you're not (a piece of meat). And as long as you are self confident and fun to be around, that is enough to attract a guy's attention anyway.

    • Great answer!!! I agree, dressing slutty gets you treated like a slut, but my question was looking more for the second part of your answer. Without being slutty, I think most girls dress to get attention and look good, but your are right on the mark, being self confident and fun is the best way to be "attractive".


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  • I have long incredible tanned legs so I like to wear a dress or a skirt to show them off. I used to to be a model, so I know how to walk those legs. A woman with great posture and a great walk, is sexy and shows a lot of confidence anywhere she goes.

    Eyes are really important to attract guys. When I go out at night I like to give my eyes a smoky eye effect. Is like having those mysterious bedroom eyes. They look incredibly sexy with the power of a smile. :)

  • I tease guys by just talking to them, by smiling, and just being the person I am. Sure, once in a while, I can dress over the top and have my looks attract guys, but that's not what I am good at. So, I prefer to stay in the range of my personality. Plus it works, so I am not complaining. I have a really nice smile and it gets the guys every time.

    I have full and long hair, so when I leave them open, it draws a lot of attention. I try a lot of new things and apparently I catch up really fast and am very good at anything I try, that attracts guys just because I am so out-going and I don't hesitate.

  • I work at a club as a bartender. I seem to get more tips when I wear a shirt that show off some cleavage.

    • I'll bet you do!!!! does it bother you when you notice guys looking?

    • I'm used to it. Rather you're ugly or not, guys are going to look no matter what if you're showing some skin.

  • I like low cut tops, and summer dresses.

    But one outfit to get a guys attention, is a short demin mini skirt and black heels, with a low cut top. Its an eyefull!

  • I have curves so I will wear tight dresses and heels


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