Was I a bad Girlfriend?

Yesterday my boyfriend or ex broke up with me, after he got mad at me for not paying his bill that I said I would pay BUt I had GOOD to reason for not paying it and I did try I went the store but they would not let me then when fixing my internet I ran through my house and fell damaging my already injured knee.which I had to go to the hospital. when I got home an I love you message was on my myspace I reply back and then he started about me not paying the bill and then he ended it

He did not give me a reason but rather said he said he was over it. his exact words were "I'm over it bye." This wasn't even done in person but over a myspace message. Just a bit of information we were in a long distance relationship and in 9 months I was due to move down there(texas) to start school. I know he loves me he would tell me everyday.

Could I of did something to change this. Was this my fault? Guys please give me some insight on how you guys think in situations like this. GIrls please let me know how to handle this I have never been so heart broken

The bill was his cell phone if it didn't get paid it was going to be shut off. He asked if I would pay it and he told me he would pay me back as soon as he got paid. I was only paying it cause with him living in Texas its our main form of contact.
i know this question was hard to read cause I typed it fast but I re-phrased and named it.Was it my fault? please feel free to read that version to get a better idea of my situation thanks THANKS!


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  • This sounds like an emotional reaction because he was needing that bill payed. I'm not clear why you would be paying a bill for him but you seem ok with that. He is just ticked off at the moment because now he has to handle something he thought he had gotten you to take care of. I would watch out for guys like this. He may be trying to control you so that you do whatever he asks. Also as you get closer to moving close to him he may get scared. Its easy to sound committed when you are far apart but not so easy when you will be close together.

    I don't think there was anything you could do differently and it wasn't your fault. I do hope you told him about the bill right away so he could try and do something about it. If you really want him back in your life you can check out some tips at link I'm not sure he's worth it but if you feel that strongly there are some tips to at least get talking again. Then anything could happen.

    • Oh I agree with that control part! Homeboy is not worth it, look at how he acted when you didn't do as you were "told". You're better than that


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  • Well, from your message not sure why you were paying the bill.i mean, you did say he got mad cause you didn't pay a bill that you were supposed to pay, but we don't know the rest of the story. Anyway if a guy is breaking up with you because of that, believe me, he doesn't love you. And if you haven't figured it out, anybody can say, I love you. Hell, I can teach a parrot to say it. What matters are the actions, and obviously, this guy doesn't care much for you; otherwise why break up over such a silly matter? Anyway, before moving to start school in texas I would advise that you look up what a run on sentence is. :S

    • I typed this fast and I know what a run on sentence is thank you very much

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    • N I don't believe your attacking me at all I just didn't like how sexwiseman had that last comment about my typing in his response. I'm looking for answers in my life now not criticism.

    • Yea, but if you want answers, make your question clear so that we understand what's going on....anyway, I think you did clear the question, so good luck and follow those women instincts!

  • wow your english is horrible haha you must of been in a rush I guess.

    the guy sounds like a dick lol.sorry to be brutal but that is my opinion. to dump someone over that! are you serious? there has to be other reasons.

    myspace? its alllllllll about facebook my friend. myspace is for creeps, weirdos and perverts.

    but seriously, you seem like a cool chick, you can do much better than this guy! and you are so young aswell! let him go!

    • Yeah I did rush through it. Sorry lol. I re-phrased it under the question Was it my fault ?If that helps.Thanks for your advise though I appreciate it.

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  • Ok your 17 , and some guy already has you footing a bill for him ? I'm not trying to make you feel any indifferent about your situation , but in the future keep in mind that you are to be TAKEN care of not the other way around. Its alright to do for someone , but it should be a JOINT VENTURE . I'm not trying to sound like Mom or Dad , but I have been there before and trust me it starts a cycle that is at times difficult to break. You weren't a bad girlfriend you just simply couldn't do what he wanted. It strikes me as odd that he wouldn't really be caring about all you went through trying to satisfy his needs . . .Or did he not know ? In any case I can't tell you what to do because we all choose what we will , but I can tell you that if your thinking on going back to this guy think again. Think about it until it makes sense to you and then THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN. I've been hurt too , but I realized that I was also being used and when we don't do what people want they tend to try to punish us. Your punishment was him BREAKING UP with you. So I can see where you would be heart broken , but look at is this way he was flake . You couldn't rely on him the same way he came to believe he couldn't rely on you. You have just been taught a lesson. Hopefully you get it.

    • I don't think my age has anything to do with it. I live on my own and I go to school and work. I normally wouldn't even think of footing his bill. He never asked me to do it before and he needed his phone while he was waiting for a new job offer. I also know he didn't have money to pay it this month cause he had to give his mom some money. That's why I feel so bad I guess..

    • I think YOUR AGE does have a bit to do with it , but you'll realize that once you get to be a bit older. It really doesn't matter if you live on your own , work , and go to school. Those things are great , but that has nothing to do with what I'm saying. I think my point went over your head, but sometimes when we like people . . the advice we get tends to do that. Good luck.

  • I don't think you were a bad girlfriend. Whether or not you should be paying his bill, you had extenuating circumstances behind your failure to do so and he couldn't even be bothered to listen to them. Hell, he didn't even ask if there were any. Most guys would. Certainly any guys that gave a damn about you would at least ask. He didn't, and that says a lot. Yeah, I guess you failed him on something, but when people care they'd want to know why that happened. The fact that he didn't speaks volumes.

  • Was it his bill? Or a bill from something you had done together? If it's the former, I'd say he just realized you weren't his meal ticket.

  • What? What bill were you supposed to pay? How long did you date him?

    • We have been together for 4 months

    • Get rid of him. He's just being an asshole. And if he comes back apologizing tell him it's not your job to pay his bills.

  • What a douchebag. First of all, it's not your responsibility to pay his bills. If he can't take care of himself then he shouldn't have a phone. And if that was your main form of contact, then it should have been of utmost importance of him to pay it (himself, not leave it up to you). The guy seems like a user jerk. I know it hurts now, but this is a blessing in disguise because honestly you are better off without him. He didn't even have the respect to break up with you properly. AND dumped you for a crappy reason at that! You are too cute for that bullshit!