I am really confused, last night I was in the history looking for a previous page I had visited and found more.

I am really confused, last night I was in the history looking for a previous page I had visit and found more. I noticed that there was some chick profiles in my history and a lot of them to be exact. So I went back a little further and found that my boyfriend has been taking time to check out other chicks on line. Looking a girls profiles and they are all half naked or naked.. Why would he do this to me and what is he really looking for? How do guy expect us to feel secure in our relationship when I now know for sure he is not just into me... I'm so lost and feel like he is not the guy I thought he was and not sure what to do..


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  • It's cheating if YOU think it's cheating. Don't let anyone tell you how you should feel. Your feelings are unique to you, and you have every right to be upset. However, that doesn't mean he's not into you. He simply may be curious. I suggest you talk to him about it. If face to face is too hard, send him an email. Give him an opportunity to react without berating him. Maybe write something like: "Hey, I was looking for an old link in my history and stumbled across some sites you've been visiting. Is there something we need to talk about?" This way you're not accusing him of anything and giving him a chance to explain himself. If he becomes defensive, just ask him a simple question: "I'm not looking for an argument, I simply want to know if you want to be with me or if you are looking for someone else." Communication is important in situations like this because you get to know what makes each other tick. In some cases, though, you need to be prepared to hear the worst. And if he isn't sure he wants to be with you that means he's preventing someone else who really does from being with you. We all deserve to be with someone who desires us.


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  • As long as he is just looking I would consider it as looking at p*rn, definitely not cheating and certainly doesn't mean he's not into you or doesn't like you anymore. Every guy looks at p*rn. He could have hidden it better though.


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  • tell him you feel like it's sort of cheating and tell him to stop.

    what does he say?