Want to get belly button pierced?

I'm considering getting my belly button pierced. But I have a few things I'm wondering about. First of all, I have a pretty flat stomach I guess, but I'm really pale so I don't know if it would look stupid, since I always kinda think they look better on the 'beach babe' type. Also I've heard they get infected easily? Is this true? Also how often do you have to clean them? And if you get sick of it will it close up? I don't know if I should get it or not o:


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  • I have my belly button pierced! I think if you want it get it! You can always work on a tan or getting some color. Remember you don't have to be a beach babe to get it done. & Don't listen to any of the guys who are telling you anything... its a girls piercing how would they know? lol

    You have to clean them everyday when you first get it pierced with antibacterial soap and water. If I can recall correctly its twice a day. Make sure that whoever you go to get it pierced they use a barbell not a HOOP do not ever get it pierced with a hoop! they first did mine that way and it wouldn't heal flat so I got it switched and then it was easily sailing after that.

    They can get infected easily if you don't clean them but as long as you follow the instructions and clean them when you are supposed to you shouldn't have any problem. FYI sometimes it will get caught on your clothes and pull and not feel so great. But don't get scared it just happens or if you sleep on your tummy it will do the same thing. But like I said don't panic! =)

    Anyways, do it if you want to! I bet it will look great on you! have fun & good luck!

    • Kay, so barbell, not hoop. cheers lol

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    • Truee. was going to get in done at summer, but I chickened out.. xD I'm a big wimp D:

    • So get it done now. so that way you can have a super cute one in for the summer and it will be all healed. =) Also, this way you have a reason to go show it off and get a tan! hehe =) all positives here. Don't be scared to do it! just go for it!


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  • I think they look good on certain girls, I don't know about infections and stuff but just keep it clean on a regular basis and you'll be as good as gold... and ya don't need a beach babe body lol, paleness is awesome... just a part of being Irish I guess!


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  • I got my belly pierced about 2 years ago and I don't have a 'beach babe' body but everyone comments on how good it looks. Mine never got infected but I think it's because I used a lot of salty water to clean it. I cleaned mine at least twice a day at the beginning and now I don't at all. I doubt you will get sick if its closes up but they do close up very quickly. I think you should get it, I love mine. But I would suggest buying numbing cream and applying it beforehand so you don't feel anything.

    • Great advice thanks! I meant if I get sick of it, will it close up. I mean can it close after a few weeks? Because if it can I will definitely get one. (: And numbing cream, would they have it in the piercing shop or would you buy it yourself first.?

    • Yeah it will close up after a few weeks. I brought my cream from the chemist. :D

    • Thanks :D

  • lol well, I think any girl with a mostly flat stomach can get one and itll look good. doesn't really matter what skin shade in my opinion :P & well they say you should clean it like twice a day .. I've had mine pierced for 4 years.. I only cleanded it like once a day for 2 weeks (proper clean).. and haven't reall y after that .. just like regular shower and body wash? but anywayy mine was totally finehealed up fasttt.. wasn't a problem at all. didn't even hurt much.. so I'm all for them :)

  • They look fine on pale sink, I'm vampire white and have my belly button pierced,and yes they do get infected easy if you don't clean them twice a day. DON'T PICK THE CRUST'S It JUST MAKES It WORSE,trust me I know from experience, and your belly button will reject it if it does not like it, and the piercer person will inform you all about this stuff to!