What do guys think about stretch marks and acne?

I'm 16, still a virgin, and when I was like 12 I was chubby. Not like really fat or anything though. When I hit 12 I had a major growth spurt and I ended up loosing my chubbiness. So ever since then I've had stretch marks on my thighs, arms (only when I lift them), hips, lower back, and breasts. To make it worse I also have some acne on my back.

I'm beyond self conscious because of it but guys are always telling me I'm beautiful and stuff like that. I'm scared to become close to a guy or get in a serious relationship because I don't know what he would think of it if he saw them.. most of the guys where I live have been having sex and everything since they were 12 which doesn't really help.

Should I try to forget about it or something? Or just wait for a while to see if they go away..

I've been hurt by guys so many times and I want to prevent that from happening if at all possible :P and if that means staying away from guys so I don't freak them out with my stretch marks, I'm for it.

And I'm not really sure if I put this in the right category, but oh well.


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  • Majority of girls have stretch marks and a lot of girls have acme as well but most guys don't even notice or care about it and the ones that do aren't worth it and shouldn't even get the chance to be that close to you to see those things. I don't think you should worry about them because they're all common things. It may seem like its going to be a big deal to the guys you become intimate with but trust me it doesn't. If they're things that still bother you then you can use special lotion that gets rid of the stretch marks or at least diminishes them some. As for the acme, I'm sure that there's some acme treatments that can help treat it.


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  • i have stretch marks and backne to and I'm very self consious about it aswell, if a girl I liked had it I probaly wouldent care at all.

  • honestly, if you were close to a guy and in a series relationship it probably wouldn't matter and he wouldn't care at all because he loves you for you


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  • Most guys don't even notice stretch marks, so don't even worry about guys caring. I know I have them, and tbh I find them my biggest flaw on my entire body, I have them on my inner thighs and butt. But I've been using this stuff called Bio Oil, its about 12 dollars, but completely worth it! It works!

    And I get ance on my back too, and if your like me I know how you get it. When you shampoo/condition your hair, the chemicals run onto your back and it is not properly washed off, thus clogging your pores. Try to make sure it rinses off, double check if you have to, and make sure your back is one of the last things you wash off, just to make sure you got it all off. It works for me!

    • About how long did you have to use the BioOil?

      And thanks so much(: I'll have to try that!

    • I'm still using the Bio Oil, but after a week I could start to see them lighten up.

  • No. Stretch marks are a part of life, like acne or pesky nose hairs that make you sneeze when you pull them out with a tweezer. If a guy stops making out with you because of your stretch marks, he's a jerk and/or secretly gay. You don't want to be with anyone who would dump you over stretch marks.

    Also, chances are they aren't as bad as you think. You live with your body every day and obsess over every little blemish and imperfection. When we get you out of your clothes, there aren't thinking, "boy, I wish she didn't have that tiny mole on her back." there thinking, "NAKED WOMAN." It's like a banner that flashes through there head eliminating every other thought.

    And, look, they also have plenty of body imperfections that drive them crazy. Guys worry about what women will think about our guts, our backne, our front-ne. We know what it's like to have a love/hate relationship with there own body. When the right guy falls for you, it's going to be about more than just your body. He's going to love everything about you, including the stretch marks.

    If it really bothers you, look into ways of getting rid of them or minimizing their appearance. There are creams, scrubs, and other things you can use. In extreme cases, there's surgery. (Apparently they use lasers now. What can't lasers do?) But, honestly, it's not that big of a deal. They're very common. Pregnant women have been dealing with them for decades.

    Focus on making yourself the best person you can be, and try not to obsess over minor things like stretch marks. Try to improve your confidence and self-image. Stop saying that you're "gross" and "cellulite city." After all, you don't want to give yourself worry lines. I'm kidding!