If a very attractive girl is interested in being in a relationship, should she expect to have to chase a boy down?

(I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I'm talking about a fairly attractive gal, in your opinion.)


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  • No if you have to chase a guy down he is not interested in you. it really has nothing to do with attractiveness because you could be fine as hell but for whatever reason the guy still may not want to be with you, or even be in a relationship at all.

    i've known really pretty girls that messed around with guys but they didn't want a relationship with them..but that same guy turned around and started seriously dating an average girl and they got their feelings hurt. sometimes its not 100% about looks. if a guy thinks you're decently attractive that's enough to attract him but that doesn't mean he'll automatically wanna be with you

    only thing a girl should chase is a shot, f*** chasing a guy, all that does is make her look desperate and sets her up for a mark to be used and played. guys don't take girls who chase them seriously

    • Yes, I got used by a boy who is now dating a fairly attractive girl who is 3 years younger than me. I should have known better, but I had a drinking problem at the time, which only further motivated me to chase him.

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    • I looked through his phone the last time we hung out, and that's how I found out about the girl he was dating.

    • Thanks for lending me your cyber ear, too. I really needed to get that out of my system so I can feel better. I'm sure you're more street smart, so you'll be nobody's fool. :0)


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  • I would expect a girl to put in roughly as much to the relationship as I do... so if a girl's expecting me to completely sacrifice for her just because she's so self-absorbed that she thinks she's too pretty to have to do work, I wouldn't waste time on her

    • What do you mean exactly - can you give me some concrete examples please?

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    • As for chasing and whatnot... just don't. Say hi, ask him out, and if he wants to play games then don't waste time on him.

    • Ok, I see. Thanks.

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  • go after 'em loll don't seem desperate but if you wanna date that guy, let him know. I am usually the one to advance and I almost always get the guys I want (if not at that time, then later) that sounds bad but it's not what you think I might mean loll I just think more girls should make effort to get with guys. screw the damsel in distress ideology, if you want that guy go after him!

  • no, she should expect the boy to chase her