How do you keep your bangs neat?

I recently got side bangs and I can usually get them to stay the way I want them in the morning but when I go to work and am there for a few hours some parts separate from the others and get oily and it looks really bad. I can't figure out how to fix them. Any tips or products that work for an 8 hour shift?


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  • Omg I know exactly what you mean, some of my friends actually wash them separately at the sink because they always pick up on the forehead oil I guess heh.

    To keep them together you just gotta constantly comb them down.

    If you cut your bangs to start like further down your head.i mean towards ure back rather than have the diviver closer to your forehead, they will be thicker and won't have any gaps, I know as I have tried both types. (what I mean is like how here see how hers starts almost at the top of her head> link in comparison to this > link hers start like at the forehead and will more likely have gaps

    as for products, gels will make it looks more greasy, while mousse will make it stiff so that is good to make it stay in place. so either go for the mousse or a spray.


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  • To keep them bouncy keep them on hair jumbo hair rollers overnight then in the morning comb them out then then mist them with Mizani hair spray and they will be bouncy and shiny and not oily and stiffed

  • Well I have this same problem. When you dry your hair use a large 2 inch round brush on your bangs. For me that usually lasts for a while. But if I get sweaty, I always take that same 2 inch round brush in my handbag with me so when I go to the bathroom I use it on my bangs real quick and that usually holds them for a while until I can get to the bathroom to do it again. but DO NOT touch your bangs with your fingers. Don't brush them down or try to fix them with your fingers. That only makes them worse because you are rubbing all the oil from your hands onto your bangs. I know that brush thing is a lot to do, but if nothing else works give that a try :)