Looking exotic, is it bad?

So I'm this very exotic looking girl guess, Very tall, long chocolate brown hair, cat shaped, gray eyes and tanned skin, I have a small thin nose and very full lips and a nice curvy-slim body. Guys have told me I'm more of a sexy girl than pretty or beautiful which concerns me, because this guy last year asked me to prom, and when we went to his house I heard his mom saying that I looked like a p*rn star (WHAT!?) guys don't take me seriously and if I could I would tone down my looks, So is looking exotic bad?


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  • you sound hot...screw his mom

    alot of moms dislike thier sons girlfriends or friends in general if they look like a slut

    but you sound hot who cares if she doesn't like you other people do

    seems like she's been watching lots of p*rn haha


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  • Cat-shaped body? What?

  • Ya it's horrible. I'd rather a bunch of short, fat and pale girls running around everywhere.

    • Are you being a 'lil sarcastic? :)

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    • This guy seems to be a troll, but I really would find the image he mentioned more attractive than yours. But I am deviant in this case, therefore about 95% of the world would find you attractive.

    • Not a troll buddy, but clearly this was an "i need attention" posting by the QA

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  • When I first started reading this I started thinking "whoa she's full of herself" but I continued and now I feel bad for thinking it. Well no its definately not a bad thing I mean I would give my right leg to look like you. But I would bet you ten bucks that his mum is pale, short and dumpy. She was probably just jealous as you were better looking than she could even dream to be and didn't want her "little boy" going out with you. But anywho its not a bad thing. Embrace it, be proud and ignore all those jealous bitches out there as you are probably beautiful. hope it helps. :D

    luuuuuuuurve me

  • you sound beautiful to me and no being exotic is good and a compliment it means you aren't the average looking girl. his mom was probably just judging you but all moms do.