Is curly hair bad or good?

My hair is naturally curly and can run kind of wild sometimes. It's really hard to tame. However, haircuts don't really look good on me, I don't know if it's the shape of my head or what.

That being said, I think I found a barber for me. The last haircut he did on me was probably the first haircut in my life that looked good..I got complimented on it all day.

My hair is curly again and now I don't know whether to let it keep growing or to get a haircut. I mean, a girl told me once that she just wanted to rub her hands in it all day...I don't know if that means anything or not. So that's why I'm not sure whether to get it cut, if it's attracting people, or to get a haircut, because I'm told girls like neater guys.


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  • Short curly hair on a guy is my favorite.


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  • Everyone has their preferences... I think curly hair is hot though! And a lot of girls I know agree with me on that...As long as you groom it and stuff lol

    For the most part, Our interest is the boy, not so much the hair ;)

  • That's cute. And id love it because I can sympathize with you because my hair is crazy curly too.


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