What do guys think of freckles?

my older sister and I were talking about girls looks and such and we started to talk about freckles. My sister has freckles on her shoulders, face and arms a lot of them. I have them in the same spots, their just not as noticeable, and I think they are horrible. so what do you guys think of freckles? do they look bad?


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  • They're fine. I can't say that I'm a huge fan, buut they're just something that's there. It's not like a gross thing, and I'm sure it doesn't make you look bad. I think they result as a part of sun exposure and skin type, so you always want to consider sunscreen, freckles or not.

    We have a newscaster who has freckles, and thy're really noticeable, and she's on TV; someone who's got to look good because of being on camera all the time. And to me, it makes her look "cuter;" I think it's a subtle psychological principle, but I think maybe she looks a little younger with them, which is a good thing.

    I think it''s rare when freckles make a person look bad, and I thiink most people who think otherwise seem pretty shallow.


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  • i think that freckles are cute, like a good thing personally, like they make her look not all glamorous but like good looking? haha I can't explain, but I generally like freckles they are cute, and unnoticeable at worst.

  • if you have a beautiful figure and great personality I wouldn't think much of the freckels. besides freckles aren't all bad if your a bit tan.


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