Does it bother guys if a girl has acne?

I have had acne ever since I was 11. But I never got teased about it, and I was always wondering if guys find it repulsive.


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  • one of my best friends has acne all over and guys love her because she has other strong features such has an amazing personality and also physical wise she has nice hair and sense of style...prolly the best feature though is that she doesn't give a damn and is super comfortable in her own skin


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  • To me it depends on how good the girl looks with acne. You look good it doesn't bother me.

    I would date you.

  • Depends how much. A little bit at your age is fine but a ton is a turn off.

  • It kinda makes me think she is more willing to do anal. If that is the case, I don't mind it at all. I have even kissed a girls zits who went anal a lot.


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  • you don't have "acne" sweetie. you just have some pimples. and at your age that is not so uncommon. find yourself a good cleaning regimen and a good makeup (I recommend bare escentuals) and you will be fine. you are very very pretty girl and it does not matter at all! also, you will outgrow this!

    • I know it could be worse it may not show on the picture but I have whiteheads all over my forehead blackheads and whiteheads cheeks and chin and clogged pores on my nose but I only have blemishes on my cheeks sometimes but those whiteheads and blackheads stay all the time

    • I think you are being really hard on yourself. Accentuate the positive. You are a very very pretty girl! Like I said...get a good cleaning regimen and use clean natural makeup. Don't worry about the acne and ignore comments like what MickDundee said. Respect yourself! You are golden!!!!