I do not think I am attractive...but everyone (including strangers) tell me I am beautiful?

Okay, first of all...I am not bragging here. I'm just a bit confused. I've got acne (normal for my age), I'm classified as "model skinny" (which is NOT good at all - models are way too skinny), and I do not have the greatest set of teeth (not majorly bad though...but enough to annoy me). However, I do have bright green eyes and long dark black hair and a "nice nose" apparently. The only thing I see are the bad things, though. My friends constantly tell me I am so beautiful and strangers too. Do the good things weigh out the bad or something? How come I only see the bad? Have you ever felt like this?


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  • well there's a saying,"you are your own worst critic"...everybody has things that they like about themselves and things they don't...it's important to look at the things you do like about yourself instead of focusin on negative so much


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  • I've felt like that numerous of times... And people say "You look pretty" and things along those lines. I thought I was weird and all. Try changing your hairstyle and putting on a bit of lipgloss and powder. That kinda helped me XD

    Maybe we think like this because we want have a paler complexion, have fuller lips, have a different hair color or a small change in our facial features... I'm not entirely sure, but it feels kinda like that. We probably think we lack a certain aspect... But no one can have everything~

    Let's be happy with what we have~ if you feel insecure or unsure about something, feel free to ask your friends or random people over the net (: