I'm always busting my mom's chops about my hair, what should I do?

I like to just let my hair do what it wants. I'm too lazy to comb it in the morning or wash it again being that I always take my showers right before I go to sleep. I've always got an even amount of looks with all my styles. With that aside, I'm kind of mixed on all my styles that just come along. Sometimes I'll look a bit more like a nerd, and other times I'll have a more scruffy look. The thing is, My mom is always against the scruffy look as she probably thinks it makes me look like a pot addict, which I'm not. Personally, the scruffier, longer haired look is what I'm feeling more right now, but maybe I'll get a cut and go with a more conservative clean cut look to make her happy. She is my mom after all. What she doesn't get is that I'm not trying to look my best, I'm just trying to look most like who I think my character is.

Anyways, check out the picture and rate which one is the best for my head hair, and facial hair. Don't pick which one is the best looking, try to go with which one has the best looking/coolest hair.


suggestions too... let it grow longer, get it cut shorter?


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  • they all have their charm and appeal in their own ways.

    What your mom needs to get, is that you're legally an adult now, and you need to start making your own choices about how you want to look. I would try to respect her wishes if you were going to a family event or something in public with her tho.


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  • Scruffy hair is cooler. The other haircut is OK, but a bit boring.


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  • Dnt be lazy,be a good boy and keep your hair combed and nice look,meanwhile,i do prefer you upload your pics here rather than d link or what ever..