Why does he keep texting me?

I have a guy friend who I like. He texts me a lot. In this month alone, he has talked to me for over half the days, and 98% of the time its for hours, often til 11pm, and once until 1:30am. We cover a variety of topics, everything from our exes and family, to what we're doing that day. He offered to beat up two guys for me when they were a jerk to me, he often talks about his problem (he buys a lot more shoes than is normal for a guy, but not in a gay way, but he's embarrassed about it). He initiates and/or continues many of our conversations.

Now, normally I'd figure he liked me. BUT... he likes my friend and she likes him. So I don't quite why he's talking to me THAT much about kinda personal stuff. He'll even tell me not to tell her certain things. What's his deal?


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  • Do you guys hang out alone ever? Try asking him to, see what his reaction is.


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