Which hair do you prefer?

My hair on the profile picture or on this picture? you can also suggest a hair that'd suit me etc. of course.



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  • I sorf of agree with WasabiDuck.

    When a guy cuts his hair from being like 'Zac Efron's' to be like 'Eminem's', MANY and I mean MANY girls complain and say to each other: "Why did he cut his hair? He was hot before, but now?" ... Since so many girls prefer guys with longer hair. Like 'Leeteuk' or the soccer player: 'Kaka'. =D

    But all in all. It's really just a matter of preference. Also what type of a face a person has.

    WasabiDuck likes guys with longer and curly hair, and I'm not that fond of curly hair. So, it's all up to personal taste.

    Just go with anything that will suit you, by trying out different hairstyles, and that way you'll find the perfect one for you. =P

    Hope my answer helped a little.


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  • Don't listen to anonymous down there. What I've notice is that girls like longer hair so maybe try growing it out. And I personally like guys with curly hair.

  • to be honest your cute in both pictures... I mean I like both but its a persons peference lol but I like both so I think you should do whatever you want and not to listen to anyone

  • you're a cutie :) do whatever you want because you really can't mess up being cute! hehe


What Guys Said 2

  • gay

  • It don't matter your screwed and ugly

    • Anonymous there is no need for you to be so rude. Please grow up, he asked for opnions. If he wanted insults he would have asked a bunch of 10 year olds. Don't listen to him your not screwed and ugly, your hair is fine. I think if you grew you hair from the top a little and gave it a little spike it would look even better. ;)

    • Haha thanks JayJay