Married guys admiring other girls?

What do women (married or otherwise) think about a married guy who likes to notice what they wear and praises when he likes it? I mean, I do it a lot, but I don't mean to be hitting at them. Its just that it makes me feel good too when I say that to my colleagues. But I always feel conscious too, thinking that they might think I'm a loose flirt.


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  • Be careful who you can be considered/interpreted as sexual harassment.

    I worked with guys who complimented my outfits but

    1) We were friends

    2) They were into fashion/style.

    However, when one guy would do had more of a creeper vibe to it, causing me (and other females) to feel uncomfortable around him. (He was eventually talked to and resigned).

    As long as your intentions are based purely on "Hey, that's a nice choice of color/clothing/style" and nothing that's like "Wow, that skirt really compliments your...(you know)".

    And, heterosexual guys can appreciate fashion, too! :-)


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  • A big percentage of women out there will think you are hitting on them. Why? Because we don't do that to guys...bottom line. If we compliment a guy it's because we admire them, think they are cute, want their attention...etc. If a guy does it we think the same thing. Maybe guys are different but in my experience I have never come across a random guy complimenting a coworker for the heck of it unless he is being flirty with her. It makes HIM feel good and it makes HER feel good too. definitely can be misconstrewed and then one day a girl is gonna walk up and tell you she wants to get it on with you, THEN what are you gonna do? Or someone will file sexual harrassment charges because you make them feel uncomfortable. Just my opinion...

  • If people know it's just part of who you are, then there shouldn't be too much trouble. They may think you are a player of sorts (or I would to a degree) but I'd think such jovially.

    It's also possible they may think you are gay. *Winks* anyway- if you just do it with your colleagues they should know you and things should be fine.

  • Women think you are hitting on them and it makes them uncomfortable especially because you are married -

  • I think it's flattering. it's just a comment, doesn't matter who it comes from


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