Is red hair a good idea?

When I was at the store today I bought a semi-permanent dye (impulse buy haha) This is what I bought: link

Now I'm not really sure if I want to dye my hair that color. My picture is on my profile and as you can see it already has a red hue to it but this color is really extreme. Also when I took that picture the lighting was off and my hair is actually a lot lighter than that so it would take more than 28 washes for the color to come out completely. I've never dyed my hair before besides the one that stays in for like a week so that's why it's such a big deal for me. Should I just go for it?


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  • I say go for it. I know you're worrying that it might be TOO intense, or last TOO long. But as a should-have-been-born-redhead, I have a lot of experience with red dyes. Red dyes will -always- fade faster than other colors. The more you wash your hair, the quicker it fades. The more sun exposure you get, the more it fades. There are always ways to help fade it out faster if you feel like you need to speed up the process. =]


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  • red dyed hair is my favorite


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  • THIS IS SO WEIRD, lol I bought the same thing, I never died my hair with permanent either. but I reallly like it on me, so I'm sure its not going to be too bad! plus, it starts to change colors because of sun, and hair growth. I would go for it. It really does look fine. don't worry, if you want ill put a picture with it on my head :) just look at my pics

    • Wow that's funny. It looked good on you in that picture on your profile (If that is the right one)

    • Yea that was the right one and thanks :) I'm sure it will look great on you :)

      mine started to fade pretty quick lol

  • that's not too red. go for it