What to do about arm, leg, chest, back, thigh hair?

I have curly hair on my legs, it is light brown, it's not really hairy, it's just messy. The hair on my thighs isn't a lot , it is about a fingernail length. The hair on my chest/back is really light and looks like a little fuzz. The top half of my arm hair is curly and looks really messy at the top. Then the rest is straight and you can barely see it. I'm just worried about my leg hair. It looks really messy. Any suggestions of what to do? Should I trim it? And if so what size? Bleach it? I was thinking of bleaching all my hair and maybe trimming all my hair down a little, but not totally bleach, is that a bad thing to do? I want to start wearing shorts again.


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  • Well, I don't think that having a bit of messy hair on your leg is a total turn off because lots of women love it. But if you really feel uncomfortable about it, than waxing can be done - though it'll be weird the first time since you will have smooth and silky legs. But, continues waxing is the way to have lighter or lesser hair. I personally think that trimming the hair is the best way to go. Use an electric trimmer (even a beard trimmer may work), and keep the hair trimmed neatly. I think bleaching and trimming is a VERY smart idea, so no it's not a bad thing. All you need to keep in mind is that you are doing it for yourself - but hairy legs is masculine and not something you should feel horrible about.

  • waxing is the best and when you can afford it. laser hair removal. If you wax it grows back thin and wispy as long as you continue to wax. oh, and it only hurts the first time. =)


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