What are some main qualities guys look for in a girl as a potential girlfriend?

Okay, so I really like this guy a lot. We talk non stop on facebook and xbox. And we talk and flirt all the time in person. Its been like this for 7 weeks now. I asked on formspring if he liked anyone, and he said no. But yet he wants a girlfriend?

I have been told by my good guy friends that I'm about as good as most guys can get in high school. And no, I'm not trying to sound conceited, or stuck up, I just want to know why this guy wouldn't want me as a girlfriend.

I get along with every guys mother I meet, like, they love me. I'm not ugly. I'm physically in good shape. I do a few sports. I go to church. I'm pretty smart. I play video games, and am also pretty perverted. I even pitch in on the gross little jokes my guy friends make. I'm funny, I'm nice, I'm definitely not unpopular, and I stand up for kids in my class that get made fun of. I'm not clingy either, I understand space perfectly. I speak my mind, and I let you know why I'm mad a you when I am, I don't keep it a secret and make you figure it out. Oh and I'm not a whore. I'm pretty flirty, but I'm a really loyal gf.

So, if I'm missing something critical, please tell me. Also, please tell me what guys look for in a gf.(:


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  • Well you're gorgeous and it sounds like you're a great person with a great personality.. so that is quite a good question why he isn't making a move! Haha, but seriously he might just be too nervous to make a further move(as in he wants YOU to) or he put you in his friend zone.. I'm not gonna try to pick one for you. Qualities that I look for in potential GF's.. smiles a lot, cute, wants to talk to me every day(but not clingy), good laugh with a good sense of humor(not dirty TOO much :p ), have at least some idea with what they want to do in life, not more than friendly-flirty with other guys, and not slutty with other guys.


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  • You sound perfect I like that you stick up for people that shows good charecter and you hot so that's a plus and you say your not clingy so this guy would be lucky to have you becuase there so much trash out there so you Girls are hard to find out there so I hope this helped!

  • Other than the perverted thing, you sound pretty cool and that's not a huge deal. I guess it's either that he sees you as a friend and only a friend or more likely (I think), he is one of those guys that gets a little shy with the asking out portion of a relationship. He might normally be confident, but the slight idea of doubt sometimes scares people especially since you two are friendly with one another.


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  • Maybe this: "and am also pretty perverted".

    I've heard from many guys that they like their girlfriend to be a girly girl, not "one of the guys".

    • Haha very truee. Thank you(:

      We both makes jokes about how perverted I am though, and he's told me he thinks its kinda hot. So I'm still stuck :(