Would he leave me for someone better looking?

My boyfriend told me that I am not the best looking girl but he loves me for my personality. He told me I could improve my looks further and knows I am chubby and I should lose weight. It hurts that he thinks there are better looking girls and I am wondering if he only is with me cos I am a safe option. He said I was the only true part of his life and that he could rely on me. I am a very devoted to the relationship and I have never cheated on him and he says he can't trust anyone else like he trusts me. I have a good career and my own place and he lives with his parents. I feel like sometimes he is depending on me to further himself and that he could find someone else that has the same good qualities he loves about me but who is better looking than me. He says that if someone better came along he would still be with me but I am unsure about this.


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  • looks really aren't everything... but if he is telling you that you need to improve then you might have to worry a little bit. like my girlfriend isn't the best looking girl but I love how she looks and I would never want her to change a thing.


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  • I would tell him he is a loser who lives with his parents so it's about equal. I'm a bit$$ so I would totally say that. If my man ever ever ever said I wasn't hot then I would say get out til you think otherwise and try to find someone better. If you don't think you are hot then he won't either