What attracts you the most about a guy?

top 5 things

maybe I can work on them


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  • 1: personality (even though they have to be reasonably good looking to get to know their personality) the personality has to be caring and sweet, romantic, passionate, not too soppy, not too clingy, but not a idiot who plays mind games. he has to make the girl feel like a proper princess

    2: height: (this depends on how tall the girl is) most girls will not want a guy shorter than them, they can be a bit, but if it is a massive difference it just doesn't work for them unfortunatley

    3: eyes: eyes that you can connect with: doesn't matter the colour, I like to see some love and care in a mans eyes

    4: smile, a beautiful smile can melt a girl instantly

    5: personal hygeine, if they look grubby or have greasy hair its a real turn off, no stale smelling b.o that's just nasty. so they have to show they take care of themselves

    all in all, the looks do not matter anyway near as much as the personality, they don't have to be super muscly, they just have to show that they are not going to hurt you, this is in the personality


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  • for me personally?

    1. If he has beautiful eyes

    2. If he has a dry humor...and sometimes cruel sarcasm

    3. A gorgeous toned back

    4. An urban/preppy style not a preppy attitude tho

    5. If they smile at me, and treat me like a princess...aka open doors for me when possible, holds my hand or kisses me in public or in front of his friends. very big turn on

  • Eyes, smile, height, hair, clothes. If I don't know him if I do. Eyes, brain, personality, height, hair.

  • respectful,personality lots and lots of sarcasm (so he won't mind mine),he has to know how to dress,intelligence (can we hold a good meaningful convo),he treats me right

  • Personality: Sweet, Doesn't have to act stupid around his friends like some ridiculous manly-man, funny and always can make you smile,

    Physical: His eyes definitely, smile

  • personality, humor, height, smile, body (doesn't have to have the best body, just not fat and not too thin)

  • Personality, Smile, Height, Eyes, and if they actually show respect to a girl.


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