Does a girl have to look a certain way to interest you?

What I mean is, is there a certain body type or weight that most guys look for?


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  • Short answer: No.

    Long answer: A lot of guys look for what they have been trained to see as attractive, just as a lot of girls will adjust their appearance to match what they are trained to think is attractive. However, as we all mature, we go through a process that brings about the realization that what is inside is much more important, and lasting, than what is outside. Even then, some people don't reach the level of maturity where they act accordingly.

    My experience has taught me that those who care, invest. That means that the people who care about others don't want to see everything. They want to have the option of investing, through imagination or relationship, to discover what is under the clothing. Those who care the most, let the beauty of the soul determine how much they are willing to invest, since the beauty of the soul is the treasure God placed there to be discovered by the person He wants to find it, and treasure it.

    Also, God has created each of us with tastes, which help us draw, and be drawn toward, each other. When we are healthy, we look for certain attributes which fit us, individually and uniquely. When we are unhealthy, we look for more superficial attributes which suit our purpose in finding someone. I chose a woman to marry based on many attributes. However, one of the unhealthy contributors was a vow I made, when I was eight years old, to never have children. While I had two, very similar options when my wife came along, I chose the one who couldn't have children. God could redeem that choice, and He was working on it, when my wife decided not to follow through on her decisions and commitments, and left me. She has been gone eighteen months now. Ask God to show you what stands in the way of you having a healthy relationship with the man He is preparing for you, then follow the rabbit trails he leads you down. Eventually, you will find the rabbits that need to be processed, and the wounds that need to be grieved and healed.


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  • Not always. I mean, I'm sure everyone has their ideal look, but (at least) I can easily go outside of that.

    Generally I prefer thin (not too thin, though) to women with "average" weight, and I've dated women who were obese with no problems because of the women they portrayed themselves to be.

    Other than a "universal" look that a lot of guys go for, there's a difference in what we think is hot, though there ARE those generalities (and women have them too). There are some generally accepted ideals, "model - singer" types; Jessica Simpsons, your Taylor Swifts, your Halle Berrys, your Beyonce's. But outside of that, it's fairly particular to each man.

  • it depend on the guy , some guys they look to the girls jusy if they're hot or sexy ,

    some guy's they go beyondthat they try to find an attractive girl and smart ,

    cuz what it's mean if she's hot and stupid , make sense for you


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  • Nope the thing is there are guys who like all different shapes and sizes. That's the beauty of this world. We are all different.

  • I think all guys differ much like all girls are attracted to different types of guys with different body types and styles. I know a lot of my guy friends like curvy girls with some boobs and a nice butt. But again, all men are different.

    • Oh no, I hate nice butts. Ick! Now, a girl with no boobs and a horrible, ugly butt, that's the girl for me! Yum! ;)