I don't understand... What's with me? Is it him or me?

There's this guy, he irritates me. He's annoying sometimes. But I always get this weird feeling when I'm around him, I think he's cool. And he's a nice guy but something about him bugs me, I just don't know what. He's always popping up every day wherever I go, it used to bug me but now I kinda look forward to it. But I don't know why. What's with me?

Today I walked out of class and went to my locker. I puttin in my combination when I felt someone tap on my shoulder when they walked by. I looked back to see who it was. It was him. He looked back and smiled at me before walking off. What was that about?


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  • well it might mean you like da guy :P

    do you ? :P

    • Idk, there's just somethin about him. I'm not sure what... It just gets to me..

  • easy one...you are attracted to that guy and def like him

    the guy is putting in lot of effort for to bump into you and make you notice him

    i hope he doesn't do it to every girl,if he doesn't then I guess he likes you a lot

    so just smile at him,get to know him


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