How can I break out of my shell & do this? Guys & girls - I need your help!

Okay first off, I'm a shy college girl. I open up once I'm more comfortable around the person blah, blah. But to the part I need help on. I have a feeling I'm going to have a high sex drive (still a virgin). Sex is almost always somewhere in my mind & I have a feeling I'm going to like it. A lot! I'd like to control the guy...somewhat. Not sure how to explain it. Like come onto him, force him down? How can I break out of my shell & do this (once I have a boyfriend & were at this point of course)? Would guys be shocked by this? Like it? Or be like "Don't do that ever again!"?

Another question I'd like to throw in here...I'm attracted to girl-on-top and doggy style. I'm not sure why. Those two positions just really, really appeal to me. This wouldn't be a problem would it? And how could I bring this up to a guy/my boyfriend without feeling awkward? (And are "cute" butts still good for doggy?)

Girls - any of you have this problem & over come it? Do certain positions appeal to you?

Any help/tips/advice would be really really appreciated :)


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  • I think for the taking control, you don't need to worry too much. While guys may like or feel obligated to lead, I don't think it should be too much of a problem if, when things start getting a little heavier, you start pushing a little harder, and being more controlling. If you really feel nervous, ask, and he'll either be okay with it, or he might feel like that's a threat to his manhood, and say no.

    The positions may be a little more awkward to just "do" but I think you could definitely ask while you're having sex, or before. I think most guys would be glad of a bit of a break, with cowgirl positions, and doggy style is a personal thing, but I would hazard a guess that most guys would like to try it. Yes, all butts are good for doggy.

    • Yess! Any tips on how to get a guy to make an approach? I see them looking/glancing at me...but what are some ways to get them to come talk to me? What would make them feel more comfortable approaching an attractive girl?


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  • When you say these guys be glancing and looking at you,what type of place are you in? Are you at the club, or in class where guys be straring at you. If guys in your classes are looking at you and staring you can always exchange numbers by saying if you are absent or maybe to copy notes, etc. Each guy is different some guys like girls to be in control during sex and other guys don't. I think most guys will think that any but during doggy would look nice. I think most guys would enjoy any sexual postion. The sex positions can be explored better with a willing partner. And I think if you are going t lose your virginity. Make it a very special night and not just some random hookup.


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  • You remind me of myself, except I don't really want to control a guy. You have nothing to worry about though. When you're with the right guy, you'll feel more comfortable opening up. The topic of sex will come up at some point beforehand. If you're still shy about it, you can ask what he's into, then go from there. By the time you two actually have sex, you should have at least some idea of what to expect from each other so that he won't be in shock over your sexuality, and you won't be afraid that he'll react badly. You should also be more comfortable communicating to each other what you want or like/don't like. And chances are he won't be opposed to cowgirl or doggy style (they're not as out there as you seem to think they are).