I'm her replacement. What do I do when she starts returning his feelings?

i have loved the same guy for years but he loves somebody else she has long blond hair and blue eyes I have long brown hair and brown eyes and glasses she didn't know that Derek (the man I love) loved her so I made a deal with him I told him that if I died my hair blond and if I got blue contacts and if I act like her would he accept me as a sex buddy then I told him that Sara (his love) would not know, now here I am trying to fill Saras shoes but it hurts because when we have sex he says her name not mine and he loves her not me and now she said that she loves him and Sara kissed him Derek said that we have to stop having sex know they are together and I'm alone what do I do?

i did it I'm not sara anymore I went to therapy and I look like myself again and you were all right I have found someone and he is so sweet and sara broke it of with derek and so he came crawling back to me for some ass and it felt really good when I slamed the door in his face I still love him but not like I did before I'm in love with luke and he loves me to and I like the way he treats me he looks at me and says my name and iv never been happyer ty all :)


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  • Girl.. I say you totally don't deserve this. You deserve much better partner and boyfriend. Not a jerk who doesn't treasure you the way you do to him. From what you said I can tell you with no doubt that he's never loved you, not one inch. And no, he is not going to like you anytime soon as the girl he's been loving is finally returning his feeling.

    One little advice: Go find yourself someone who loves you for who you are, not as another girl's replacement. And you must learn to love yourself first before you finally meet that special someone who truly loves you.


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  • don't ever change that much for a guy. really you offered to put yourself in that situation. maybe instead of being her you should of helped him get over her and show him who you are.

  • Move on... I no it hurts but the truth is it would never of Worked with him, and to be honest he is quite selfish. He must have known how much you like him to be prepared to go to the lengths you went to just to be with him, and he took advantage of that. I think you need to dye your hair back, take out those contacts, put your glasses back on, and fall madly and deeply in love with YOU before you even try and love another.