Am I knocked down a notch or two because of my height?

I know girls say height doesn't matter and it's all about the face. But is that really true? I come to a measly inch taller than your average height girl. I'd say 1/4 girls tower over me, 1/4 are marginally taller, 1/4 are the same height as me, and 1/4 are shorter. Girls only look at me for a second or two, and they definitely don't approach me. I know my face isn't bad looking at all, and I'm pretty sure it's my short stature and small build keeping me from getting attention from the ladies...


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  • well I'm srry to say I will usually only date guys the same hight as me at least. I'm 5'4/5'5 and the shortest guy I've dated was 5'5. it was okay but a bit weird. I'm on the curvey side so I don't like feeling so much bigger then whoever I'm dating. so if he's short and thin.. however it also depends on personality, pretty much no physical issue would be to much of a hassle if the guy was really great/

    as for them approching you. well duh! women usually won't approuch a guy.. its suppose to be you going after them. you just gotta let your confidence shine and go for it!


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  • I wouldn't date a guy shorter than me but for one, you are not shorter than EVERY girl so of the girls who only date taller guys, some of them would consider you "taller" because you would be taller then them, look at it that way. Also, there are definitely girls out there willing to date shorter guys, it's all about the girl. But you definitely need to be willing to approach girls because most girls won't make the first move regardless of how much they like you.

  • if you're confident, like really confident, not just 'outgoing' and socialize with ease and don't seem overeager or whatever...doesnt matter what height you are. trust me :) so work on that.

    ive seen shortish skinny guys get the hots chicks over the model build...girls love confidence.


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  • Girls don't approach guys... unless maybe you're brad pitt. You need to be confident and aggressive and do the approaching. Girls won't care how tall you are if you're confident and make them laugh.