Turn him down?

Okay ladies, so here is the situation. You are walking with a couple of friends in the mall shopping for things. You see a guy sitting down on the side walk up to you. For kicks, he is a cute guy. all alone no guys with him. He asks with a smile if he can walk around and hang out with all of you while you are at the mall. What do you do?

  • Sure tag along with us cutie!
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  • We are not interested.
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  • Thats creepy.
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  • I think the best approach would be to ask them if they'd like to get something to eat with you after they're done shopping. That way they can get to know you better and maybe you can become friends after that then maybe more if there's any chemistry between you and one of them. You can't just ask someone to tag along while they shop. I mean, what if they're going to buy underwear or something? lol


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What Girls Said 2

  • If I have never seen him before, and we have no idea who he is, no matter how cute he is, I would have to say C. That's creepy.

    People aren't going to be THAT friendly with strangers.

    Maybe if the guy initiates some sort of conversation or asks for help in the mall then maybe but I wouldn't let some guy just follow us around while we shop, sorry lol.

  • hey, if a cute guy comes up to me at the mall

    and asks that,

    sure, why not?

    its a change of pace

    instead of the usual girls day out

    although I would a little concerned since he came out of no where lol


What Guys Said 3

  • im a boy, but id like to answer this question anyway. I've never seen a boy do this, but this guy must be SERIOUSLY overconfident, or there must be something different about him. I would say no because he's still a stranger and your probably never going to see him again anyway

  • At worst that's pretty creepy. At best it screams socially inept and needy.

  • hes obviously alone and harmless.