Girls, how should I cut my hair to look my best?

i need a haircut, I just really don't know how I should have it cut to look good, advice welcomed.

my avatar shows what I look like.


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  • um let me see try the long in the front short in the back cut I think it would look good on you


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  • I think you would look nice with a good fade. But keep it alittle longer on top.. you would look hot


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  • Might want to consider shaving the greasy stache you've got going for starters.

    • Might want to consider not answering a question addressed to woman, or giving advice to a guy on his looks. d***.

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    • Oh and it seems you took my comments to heart, as you changed your pic. Nice try defending yourself though.

    • How bout I changed my pic because I got a hair cut? you know, the whole reason why I was asking the question.. but its OK, I can see you haven't come out of the closet yet but is it too much too ask for you to get off my d***?