Girls does the way a guy dresses affect your impression on the guy?

for example when I dress nerdy, most hot girls won't look in my direction, heck they won't even invite me to club or party

when I dress like I'm going to the bar, response is different they are more willing to approach and invite me

what leads to girls judging guy like that ?


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  • Seems like your surrounded by extremely superficial females.

    For me, the way a guy dresses generally doesn't have any effect on my opinion of them.

    I mean, sure- if a guy looks cuter in a hoodie and jeans than he does in, say, a nice shirt and dressier pants (or whatever) then I'm obviously gonna prefer that look on him.

    Your problem could have something to do with society's view of "nerds" as a whole- I mean, when I think "nerd" I think "weak, impotent, and possibly intelligent", so if you're dressing as a nerd or whatever, females may instantly categorize you as someone that'd be boring to talk to, someone who'd be a poor lay, or someone too physically weak to... I dunno, do whatever it is a man needs to do in a relationship. D8

    if that makes sense.

    But yeah. Maybe you just look dumb when you're decked out in nerd gear? =P

    • Thanks

      physical wise I have an athletic build, mascular lean guy. so I don't think I look weak, but who knows.. it could be because I also have big bag pack

    • XD Big backpacks do have a way of dwarfing their wearers~

      sounds like your clubbing clothes must accentuate your physical attributes whereas your nerdy clothes do not. xD


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  • the way a guy dresses isn't that important unless it is clean. I like simple. and nerdy is hot :)

  • The only time I negatively judge a guy on his outfit is if he's wearing female clothes or he's 'sagging'. I just don't appreciate the sag.

    I will honestly say that I am very much attracted to guys that dress or act oddly in some manner. I wouldn't call myself superficial. I don't shun guys for their outfits or anything. It's just certain things are more interesting to me.

  • I don't care how a guy dresses, it's all how he acts toward other people and myself that influences how I feel about him.

  • Yeah the way a guy dresses does affect my impression of him. People have control of how they dress so if you dress a certain way you chose to present yourself like that, so it must say something about you. I don't like guys who dress nerdy because I'm not attracted to nerds. I'm sure if a guy saw a girl wearing fishnet stockings, a tiny minidress with her butt almost hanging out and cleavage spilling out they'd think she was a slut? Why? because how you dress says something about you.

  • of course. haven't you ever heard of the phrase dress for success? people judge you on your appearance

    • Why though ... why is that, and I'm not talkin about dressing poorly but different

    • Because it's human nature. like it or not, that's reality

  • as long as your pants aren't at your knees or tighter than mine, I usually don't judge how a guy dresses


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